Our team works in unison with cruise ship representatives, coordinating a dual branded operation to deliver a seamless journey between land and ship. Our people provide a professional and caring service, able to handle any unexpected situations, with excellent local knowledge and contacts complemented by the support and resources of a worldwide business. We have the capacity to accommodate any size of operation, from a single ship with specific needs, to multiple liners requiring turnaround in a single day.

Meet & Greet

We are in direct contact with guests on arrival, providing any assistance and delivering a warm ‘meet & greet’ service on behalf of the cruise line.


All logistical aspects related to transfers are handled by our Turnaround teams. We take guests to and from ports, hotels and airports, waiting until they have checked in or are being attended to at a hospitality desk.

Luggage Handling

We ensure the safety, security and transport of luggage, helping guests and working with cruise line representatives to facilitate an easy and efficient operation

Check In

Our teams become integrated with cruise line representatives, working together to carry out a smooth operation while delivering a professional and courteous service.

Information & Reservations

We deliver the complete service, going beyond the normal Turnaround responsibilities to provide further information or shore excursions and even make restaurant reservations.