Founded in 1992 in Genova Trumpy Tours offers land services and excursions to Cruise Ships.
Our offers is wide including pre-organized excursion, land services, meet & great services, tailor made tours and more.

Trumpy tours is open and explores new opportunities with the aim to promote tourism in a sustainable framework, maximizing positive impacts and minimizing negative effects implementing the use of the so called “best practices” with the engagement of Customers and Partners.

Our Policy is based on 9 points, each point includes principles and goals.

1. Legal Compliance and Sustainability Management

We are committed in Sustainability Management through following actions:

Our internal Sustainability Coordinator will take care to update and publish on our website our Sustainability Policy. Company’s commitment to reduce social impact, cultural and economic effects, ensuring workers and employes welfare.

Periodically an internal valuation of results obtained will be organized with the aim to correct and improve, putting in place corrections and if necessary, changes will be taken in consideration.

Our action will be based on several points always in respect of the National Labor Contracts.

2. Internal Management: Social Policy and Human rights

We are committed for an internal sustainable management with the application of a clear and widespread policies and procedures based on the following principals:

  • Guarantee to all workers and employees liberty rights, welfare and safety without discrimination and guarantee working conditions and salary according to jurisprudence of workers and with full application of the Labor Contracts;
  • Create new opportunities for students and young people organizing training, apprenticeship opportunities.

3. Internal management: Environment and Local Community relationship

We are committed for an environment protection and a relationship improvement with local communities guaranteeing application of the so called “good practices” with the aim to reduce single use items, in favor of local art crafts products , items with less packing materials, reduce paper use thanks to a higher digitalization, reduce chemical pollution such as soaps for cleaning and compensate CO2 emission and compare different periods of time, prefer electronic devises with lower consumes when purchasing new devices, have an active policy to reduce water waste and consume monitoring and implementing a virtuous method of use.

We will monitor and apply constantly local and national lows in terms of waste disposal and recycling different materials.
We will contribute to protect and preserve properties and local sight which might have an archeological and historical importance and/or cultural and spiritual significance thanks to conscious visits to preserve the natural ambience. We will not deny access to the local inhabitants.

4. TrumpyTours & Partner Agency

Trumpy Tours and its Partners decided to embrace with Travelife a transformation of our tourist offer with the aim to promote sustainability; for this reason it is engaged in the creation and in certification of a sustainable system in compliance of what requested from Travelife.

With this choice Trumpy Tours and its Partners are engaged in the maximum respect for all sustainability rules: fight against kids exploitation, obligated work, health and Safety, liberty of association and wright to collective negotiation of work (CNL), fight against any discrimination, disciplinary position, working hours and salary, environmental respect. This standard involves also our Partner activity with the aim to expand and involve correct behaviors to improve sustainability standards.

5. Transportation

Trumpy Tours will do its best to guarantee the performance of the less polluting vehicles, wherever available, in respect of the laws against pollution. We believe that transportation is a basic element in the fight against pollution and we will do our best to reduce it.

6. Excursions and activities

We believe that excursions need to minimize their impact on the territory and the environment visited and enhance cultural life and local arts.

Our commitment to reach this purpose foresees following actions:

  • Identify cultural and environmental destinations that might considered to be “sensitive”, inform Guests of the most appropriate attitude to be kept during tours, with special attention to culture, nature and environmental. Our Providers will be involved and their hints will be of primary importance. We will not offer tours that might injury human being, fauna and flora;
  • Have qualified Tour Escorts and Guides leading Guests during the visit of sensitive cultural sights, sights included in our cultural heritage or sensitive ecological destinatio;
  • Increase excursions and activities which involve and support directly local communities, purchasing goods and services, local and traditional art crafts and local food methods or visiting social projects;
  • Promote excursions and activities which supports local ambience and biodiversity such as protected areas or projects for local ambience protection;
  • We will not use or promote any souvenirs that might contain elements coming from Flora and Fauna or endangered species as indicated in the treaty CITES and in the “Red List” IUCN: or any relevant historical and archeological artifacts (with exception of what allowed by law).

7. Tour Escorts & Tour Guides

We are committed for:

  • Create a work ambience fair and equal that will support and respect local people and workers who will be employed to lead excursions such as tour escorts, tour guides and tour leaders;
  • Employees and workers will have clear, understandable and written working conditions and will be informed and involved in all relevant aspects of our sustainability policy and will respect it. We will use newsletters, e-mails or working sessions of information;
  • Thanks to our Coordinators help, we will train Tourist Guides and Tour Escorts, to have a well prepared Team leading Guests through Sustainability and through groups needs, identifying guidelines and adequate attitude in sensitive sights.

8. Destinations

We are committed in maximizing positive impacts and minimize negative impacts on the territory caused by excursions, to guarantee a sustainable development of the visited sights.

We will pursue our purposes with the following actions:

  • Take in consideration sustainable aspects while selecting new destinations and eventually offering and identifying alternative destinations;
  • Do not select destination negatively affected by tourism;
  • Take in consideration destinations that can be easily reached by more sustainable mean of transportation;
  • Respect local lows and territory planes, protected areas and laws protecting the heritage;
  • Support initiatives that will improve relationship among local providers, accommodation venues and local producers;
  • Influence and support local administrations in terms of sustainability, planning and management of destinations, use of natural resources and social and cultural matters;
  • Support and preserve biodiversity including protected areas and at high biodiversity differences through a financial support and products integrations;
  • We will not promote souvenirs, memories that will include flora and fauna elements as mentioned in the CITES agreement.

9. Communication and Customer protection

Wellness and Guests Information are very important for us. We are committed in a clear and constant communication with an high protection, we will protect their privacy, we are committed and our commitment will continue providing clear descriptions of our offers, prices, safety and sustainability policies. We are committed in informing Companies about impact that all different mean of transportation will have on the territory with all different options to reach destination (in case that these will not be included in the package) and offer sustainable alternatives wherever available.

During the tour performance we are committed in:

  • Provide Guests information about the natural environment, local culture and historical heritage of the tourist destination;
  • Inform Guests about the aspects and key points of sustainability within the destinations and provide recommendations on how contribute positively to the reach the goal;
  • Inform Guests about risks and precautions to be taken referring to health and safety in each destination;
  • Keep a contact number and person permanently available in case for any emergencies;
  • Train the Team and provide Guidelines for the gesture of emergency situations;
  • Provide Guests guidelines or any documentation useful for sensitive tours and activities to reduce at maximum possible the negative impact on destinations and maximize entertainment and positiveness;
  • Monitor and keep control on our performance with the help of the Company using a score valuation model. Our Customer will evaluate our and our team job, stakeholders, partners, using questionnaires that will be distributed to Guests on board of the Cruise Ships;
  • Eventual complaints on the above will be always dealt through our Customer, Trumpy Tours will always provide information, will investigate on the reasons of the complaint, provide eventual compensation if necessary, always through the Customer.