Trumpy Tours designs and delivers a diverse and innovative range of shore excursions appealing to all target groups. We work with certified suppliers that adhere to Intercruises’ high standards, with excellent communication skills, including local and international languages. Furthermore, an emphasis on the ‘local experience’ means all our representatives have excellent local knowledge to deliver the best possible service to guests.


Trumpy Tours provides city tours at all destination cities, with a range of options to suit all demographics. We also organize the classic tours of important historical sites worldwide.


The range of adventure tours bridges all age groups. Mysterious treasure hunts, thrilling skydives or off-road explorations, are just a snapshot of the diversity of adventures available

Local Living Experience

Our unique ‘local living experience’ excursions enable guests to live the local life, temporarily becoming an inhabitant as they completely immerse themselves in their surroundings

Trumpy Tours Exclusives 

Innovative, ambitious and sometimes unrealistic concepts become reality, offering guests something a little unique. These are the Trumpy Tours exclusive tours, solely run by our shore excursion experts