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Port of Licata

Marina di Cala del Sole is the new, modern marina of Licata City (Agrigento region), on the South coast of Sicily. Located almost exactly in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, Marina di Cala del Sole is the best possible base for visits to, or from Malta, Gozo, Pantelleria, Lampedusa, Linosa, Egadi, as well as Spain, Greece, Turkey, and North Africa.

Thanks to its more than 1,500 berths for boats from 4 metres up to 70 metres in length and to its many services, as well as its very competitive prices, Marina di Cala del Sole offers a complete package for boat owners their crews and other guests. The marina is enriched by green lawns, walking areas, several shopping areas, a conference center, and two villages. The marina is very close to downtown Licata, within a 2 minute walk to the middle of the ancient city.